Sunday, May 21, 2006


This is for the benefit of my swap partners. I prefer that each partner "do his/her thing". I love anything handmade because it is such a personal committment. You are giving me a piece of your creative self, and that is the best gift of all! But, reality being what it is, many people work very hard to make things very personalized because they REALLY want their partner to like what they with this in mind, here is the poop on me...

Personal Type Info

Married, no kids, three cats, one large, mean dog--live in the country after many years in a huge metroplitan city; hubby is a working musician and recording artist, I am an accountant and a computer software geek. I am way old but I don't know it yet ( so please don't tell me!) I am of Japanese/American heritage so I have the best and worst of those two cultures (think detail-oriented workaholic with a rebellious attitude!) My craft room looks like a war zone--I am not at all neat so whatever I am working on is all over the place--don't touch it, though, cos I know where EVERYTHING is (especially the coffee--yes, there is a coffee brewer in my room...)

What I Like to Craft

I love to sew the best. My past includes custom clothing and home decor. My current addictions are purses, fabric belts, pouches, totes, stuffies, etc. etc. I can crochet and knit but only very basic...believe it or not, I can also macrame, so I like making hemp jewelry.

What I Can't Do or Do Not So Good

I cannot paint. I suck at bending wire so most jewelry is out...I am not that great with paper type crafts beyond basic scrapbooking...I really am not that original so I love weird and funky stuff (BRITS ROCK in this area for sure!).

What I Collect

I love cats and most animals. I love bugs and spiders of all sorts. I adore miniature works of art--detailed and exquisite. I totally respect knitters, weavers, painters, crocheters, dollmakers, and --wow--everyone!

Colors & Patterns

I don't particularly like pastels, especially pink. I do like fuschia and hot pink. I am not wild about yellow but for some reason, I have tons of this color in fabrics...I like anything black but my favorite color is red. I look like freaking santa on some days cos I wear so much red! Earthtones are always good as they remind me of my hippie days (oops--revealing my age!). Blues are good--I am a certified scuba diver so anything the color of the seas is ok by me! Oh--I hate grey and gray. I also like paisley, graphic patterns, and some florals. I do not like Nascar or Disney anything. I am not a cutesy type of person--I make stuffies but I do not own them.

Stuff I Want

I have tried to make a wist list but it feels so greedy and confining to me.
I love personalized notecards and stationery, hats, headbands, scarves, hairpins and do-dads (I have long black/blonde hair). I like funky jewelry. Weird art will always have a place in my house even if I have to take down the Elvis velvet painting...

Personal Swaps

Probably the only stuff I would do for a personal swap is sew something unique. I would work with a clothing designer to realize his/her fashion vision, for instance. I am good at figuring things out and I can put in zippers in my sleep...


I like to rollerblade and kickbox. I love to go to flea markets and craft fairs. I do not cook but I do garden. My favorite food is cajun, which my hubby happens to cook. I love my friends and would literally donate a kidney if they needed one--they are great! My family is slightly dysfunctional, but in the normal range. Dang, if I give out more info, The National Enquirer is going to have enough info for an article...ENOUGH--pm me if you need more...ha ha


At 9:27 PM, Anonymous cyndiq said...

wow thats a wonderful story about you. guess who is stalking you now. i got some ideas ...i love cats too hahaha. we are more alike in taste than ever.... and you like red!!
i will be sending you a thankyou very soon working on it.


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