Sunday, April 06, 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days

  1. visit my father's grave
  2. make flattering sexy lingerie to fit my body
  3. visit Australia
  4. learn to ride a bike
  5. read at least two books a month and then donate them
  6. change a baby's diaper
  7. make an heirloom quilt for any friend or family member who wants one
  8. do something with my handkerchief collection
  9. make something out of kimono fabric each month
  10. visit Matthew in Seattle
  11. go to Longwood Gardens
  12. eat pancakes in Vermont in the fall
  13. join the Susquehanna sculling club
  14. plant cucumbers to make pickles
  15. re-read the Illiad and the Odessy
  16. make myself a killer practical gym bag
  17. file my back tax returns
  18. learn more about how to save energy in my house--go to HGTV Carter Can to learn
  19. bake high fiber bread monthly
  20. write down Mom's stories
  21. make memory scrapbooks for the nephews about their Grandma and Grandpa Ebersole
  22. take salsa lessons
  23. watch Dad's National Geographic videos --one a month
  24. knit a pair of socks
  25. crochet an item of clothing
  26. participate in the senior olympics--maybe in the weightlifting event!
  27. clean garage
  28. take dad's slides to turn them into a CD
  29. wear a backless dress in public
  30. sign up for the West Hanover fall arts and crafts festival
  31. four paintings
  32. take my vitamins
  33. get a small tattoo
  34. buy and use a circut
  35. grow bamboo
  36. learn how to do tile mosaic
  37. learn embroidery and make one dang thing!
  38. streamline my warddrobe to simple basics
  39. go to Hershey Park at least once this summer
  40. find the perfect jeans for my new smaller ass
  41. learn to do wood block or linoleum block carving--I already have tools, ha ha
  42. do a monthly craft-along--make the quilt block or bag
  43. find a way to honor the memory of all of my pets
  44. teach my nephew and heir about estate management and taxes
  45. make myself a wrap dress
  46. make something in plaid that I will actually like and wear or use
  47. make myself an apron (holy cow, I have made 40 for other people!)
  48. learn to use the chainsaw to cut up the dead trees for firewood
  49. make a haven for deer and other wildlife somewhere on the property
  50. visit MOBE alpacas farm with Crystal
  51. go on a girls only trip
  52. organize my crafting pics into some sort of permanent journal/CD
  53. learn to write something in basic kanji
  54. make half of all craft projects recycled or reconstructed items
  55. learn to make an altered book
  56. download music into my mp3 player instead of just listening to FM radio
  57. find homes for my old record albums
  58. -100. in progress


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