Monday, April 04, 2011

Streetsboro, Ohio

This weekend I drove to Streetsboro, Ohio to meet up with my sister. She was driving halfway from her home with our mother, so that I could take her back home after a 10 day visit.

I have traveled all over the world and yet, it is in the USA that I am the most afraid and apprehensive when I travel....especially to smaller towns and cities...I fear that even though we think that prejudice and small mindness is on the down swing, You Tube videos made by young people still show bigotry and hatred against non-white people. Being Asian used to mean that you could sort of blend in and just mind your own business, but now, with the advent of the tsunami and radiation problems in Japan, we are on the forefront of people's awareness.

So, when I went to Streetsboro, I was sort of expecting some stares and comments, some from curiosity, and some from just plain meanness...boy, was I pleasantly surprised! First of all, everyone we met was kind and warm...friendly and helpful! At restaurants, there were tables of people that had mixed raced children--grandparents and grandchildren in all colors...there was laughter and hugs...lots of love and happiness.

Today, I just wanted to thank the people of this midwestern little town for renewing my belief that most people are good in their hearts...they accept that the world is changing and that all people want the same things and we have to be here for each other...

Streetsboro, Ohio---you rock!


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