Monday, April 04, 2011

Tending Your Garden of People

The other day I had a major falling out with my boss at work. After the anger had subsided, I realized more than anything that I was truly disappointed in him. I started to process these feelings and it became very clear to me when I started to compare these feelings with how I feel about one of my loves, gardening!

The people at work are like the plants in a garden. The need to be cared for in general, but also in unique ways. Like a garden, the office needs to be tended, with everyone shown respect and kindness...rewarded for doing a great job. Each person, like each plant, needs to be nurtured, given the tools and knowledge to grow, to blossom, to thrive, to continue on for many many years.

My boss is a motivation speaker, specializing in conflict resolution and employee relations...he is out tending other people's gardens while neglecting his own...some of the plants have turned into noxious and unruly weeds, some have died and been removed, and others are struggling to survive, dying on the vine, failing to bloom or even grow.

It might be that he has poisoned the soil so much that if I am to survive, I will have to take up my roots and move on to a healthier, well-tended garden...even if he puts some fertilizer on now, it is probably too late and only a temporary measure, because in his heart, he is not really a gardener like he thinks he is...

Maybe his strong suit is to tell others how to garden...sad, but it happens all the time...others will be amazed at how beautiful and strong their gardens get while his withers away, to be blown to dust and emptiness soon.


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